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oleochemicals manufacturing

Did You Know?

Oleochemicals are derived from vegetable feedstocks, such as coconut and palm kernel oil.


P&G Chemicals produces a broad range of products across the globe. Our manufacturing capability in Asia, Europe, and North America produces fatty alcohols, fatty acids, methyl esters, glycerin, tertiary amines, and innovative speciality surfactants such as Alkyl Glycidyl Ether (AGE) and Alkyl Glyceryl Sulfonate (AGS). Oleochemicals are present in many of P&G’s billion-dollar brands.

Oleochemicals Products

Did You Know?
  • Glycerin Innovation

    Procter & Gamble produced about 250 pounds of glycerin per day in 1858. Now we have a multimillion pound annual refining capacity. Our ongoing commitment to the glycerin business has included capacity increases as well as continuous innovation that has helped drive modernization of the refining processes.