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inline-alcoholAlcohol Ethoxylates are produced by reacting P&G Chemicals natural mid-cut alcohol (CO-1214) with Ethylene Oxide (EO). Alcohol Ethoxylates are non-ionic surfactants that are frequently used for hand dish liquids, shampoos, foaming control agents, textile applications, and other specialty surfactants.

P&G Chemicals product offerings may be slightly different around the world to meet local regulations and customer demands. Please consult with your Account Executive or nearest P&G Chemicals regional office to confirm availability of products to serve your needs.

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Note: If there is not a product developed in your region, please contact your region.
Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate Products Available

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ProductRegionsCAS No.*MSDSTech
AE-2Asia68002-97-1PDFView Technical Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheets

AE-3Asia68002-97-1PDFView Technical Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheets

AE-7Asia68002-97-1PDFView Technical Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheets

AE-9Asia68002-97-1PDFView Technical Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheets

*CAS Numbers vary by region; please refer to the MSDS.

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It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure that any P&G Chemicals product is suited for their end use application. We will do all we can to assist you in this evaluation.