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Delivering on Promises During Unprecedented Market Challenges

June, 2022

By: Levent Tanriverdi, Europe Sales Director

Hello, my name is Levent Tanriverdi; I’ve been at P&G for nearly 23 years, working mainly in direct materials purchases across different categories. About 10 months ago, I made (for me) a big change, by moving to the role of Europe Sales Director for P&G Chemicals. The first reaction of many friends and colleagues was that the timing for such a move couldn’t be better, as it would be apparently easier to “sell” than to “buy” these days. After many months in the role, I can confirm this is not true. Selling in current times is difficult if your objective is to ensure that your customers win.

At P&G Chemicals, we follow through on the promises we made decades ago to honor our agreements, offer cross-functional support and provide oleochemicals expertise to our customers. The entire P&G Chemicals family is working hard to deliver on these promises, day in and day out, during this unprecedented time of supply chain and market challenges. Our local manufacturing operations in Europe and our strong partnerships with logistics companies remain a rock in this storm and enable us to continue serving our customers’ needs. Thank you for the continuous confirmation and recognition that we are getting from many of you as appreciation for our work.

The impacts from the weeks-long (although now lifted) palm oil export ban in Indonesia and the ongoing conflict in Eastern Europe have driven significant uncertainty and volatility in the market. In this “new normal” world, we are presented every day with new challenges that we need to step up to and meet. Supply chains are fragile and demand remains very strong, particularly on the short chains and on stearyl alcohol, which faced a long period of unmet needs. In this context, we are finding solutions to provide the capacities to meet our incumbent customer needs and are working to secure supply for your demand over the long term.

I am convinced that continuous collaboration between P&G and you, our customers, will be the key for all of us to continue to navigate successfully through those turbulent times. It’s going to be an interesting journey and one I am excited to be on with you.