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North American Oleochemicals Market Update

April, 2021

By: Ryan Hess, Americas Fatty Alcohols Product Manager

From our production facilities in Sacramento, CA and Cincinnati, OH, P&G Chemicals domestic facilities provide “peace of mind” to our North America customers. International logistics have been a challenge as we enter CY2021, and the impacts are expected to carry through the rest of the year. As your source of domestically manufactured oleochemicals, P&G Chemicals has expanded our product portfolio to meet customer requests while reinforcing our commitment to local supply.

Not only is P&G Chemicals ensuring supply in challenging times, but we are also continuously improving and expanding our product offering. New additions to the P&G Chemicals product portfolio manufactured at the Sacramento, CA facility include Heavy Cut Methyl Ester (CE-1618), 98% purity Mid-Cut Ester (CE-1298), and 98% purity Capric Acid (C-1098). These complement our extensive Fatty Alcohol, Methyl Ester & Short Chain Fatty Acid portfolio. We continue to listen to your feedback to learn which new product introductions will enable your business success.

As P&G Chemicals continues to expand and improve on its product offering, we remain committed to helping customers navigate through the various COVID-19 impacts and supply chains interruptions. As demand returns to industrial applications, lubricants, and oil/gas industries, P&G Chemicals stands ready to help our customers meet the surging demand.

In closing, please continue to stay safe in 2021 and trust that P&G Chemicals is here to deliver the products that you continue to use and trust.