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North American Oleochemicals Market Update

January, 2021

By: Ryan Hess, Americas Fatty Alcohols Product Manager

As we all adjust to the new normal, P&G Chemicals is proud to remain a source of domestically manufactured oleochemicals for the N. America region. Our plants and operational teams are stepping up in a safe manner to make critical products available in the fight against COVID-19. With continued uncertainty, P&G Chemicals remains committed to bringing our Oleochemical Expertise, Cross-functional Support, and Honoring Agreements to our customers.

Along with the multiple supply chains impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact of low priced petroleum and less travel miles are being felt in the biofuels marketplace. The demand and economic value of biofuels has decreased significantly, and is anticipated to impact biofuel and ester production for the remainder of 2020. Conversely, as P&G Chemicals continues to experience strong demand, especially for cleaning products, we will continue to produce our Heavy Cut Esters, specifically CE1618, and they remain available for sale.

Not only is P&G Chemicals ensuring supply in challenging times, we are also continuously improving and expanding our product offering. We heard your feedback, and are excited to announce the expansion of our Light Cut Fatty Acid portfolio to now include Capric Fatty Acid. Please reach out to your P&G Chemicals Account Executive to obtain specifications and order samples for qualification.