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Remaining Committed to the Responsible Sourcing of Palm

June, 2022

By: Girish Deshpande, Global Supply Chain Operations

At P&G, our team remains committed to the responsible sourcing of palm. We follow a Forest Positive approach to ensure that we protect forests, promote sustainable ecosystems, respect human and labor rights of those who work in the industry, and protect land and natural resource rights, particularly of indigenous groups and local communities that rely on the forests for their livelihoods.

Our approach includes:

1) Sourcing Fundamentals

2) Compliance Monitoring, which focuses on the supply chains delivering sustainable palm feedstock to P&G brands

3) Partnerships and Force for Good, focused on working across industry and in multi-stakeholder platforms to drive positive change at scale

The “Force for Good” pillar seeks to drive positive impacts across social and environmental vectors, conserving, restoring, and protecting ecosystems and people. The actions will deliver improved outcomes in People and Communities, Biodiversity and Species, and Landscape and Climate. We have established programs in each one of these vectors, such as for example the conservation and protection partnership with WWF-Malaysia focusing on the endangered Malayan Tigers or Rimba collective focusing on forest protection and restoration.

P&G is also working in cross-industry platforms, such as for example RSPO or the Consumer Goods Forum, to drive positive change across professionals as we recognize that many challenges can only be resolved through partnership. This is especially true for changes that needs to be driven at scale through industry-wide standards or best practices.

You can read more about this effort on our P&G ESG portal under “Engaging and Partnering for Sustainable Palm Oil” or contact your regular sales account executive to know more.