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P&G Chemicals produces Midcut and Heavycut Fatty Alcohols from sustainable natural feedstock. Our manufacturing operations in Europe, Asia, and Americas provide responsiveness and supply assurance across the globe.

Potential Applications


Cosmetic ingredients

Rubber and plastic Additives

Plasticizers, Epoxy Resin diluents, plastisol viscosity control, plasticizer for poly (vinyl chloride) resin


Aluminum rolling lubricants, Concrete anti-spalling agents, Lubricant oil additives and plastic lubricant/mold release

Personal Care

Creams, Lotions, Conditioners, Intermediate to Tertiary Amines and Alkyl Amines, Intermediates to Sulphates/Ethoxylates/Sulfated Ethoxylates, Production of alkyl amines, De-Foamers, Detergency booster, Polymerization stabilizers, Phosphated alcohols and Mercaptans.

Household, Industrial, & Institutional (HI&I)

Defoamers, Halides/Mercaptans, Methacrylates, Plasticizers, Polymerization stabilizers, Sulfation, Production of alkyl amines, Tertiary amines, Ethoxylates, Phosphated alcohols, Sulfated ethoxylates, Intermediate applications, Antioxidants, Epoxy resin diluent, Intermediate applications, Fabric/Textile softeners, Ink Solvents, Concrete anti-spalling agents, Blowing agent, Emulsion polymerization


Derivatized into wetting agents, Solvents, Surfactants, Penetrants, Emulsifying agents, Tertiary Amines, and Amine Oxide, Reactive intermediate for quats, and Drift reduction, Intermediates into fatty alcohol ethoxylates.

Oil and gas

For fracking and drilling additive, Carrier fluid, Rheology additives, Lubricant additives for drilling, Used in cleaning and emulsifying agents

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Fatty alcohol portfolio

We pride ourselves in providing high quality products with consistent specifications, which can be used in a variety of applications. We offer RSPO Mass Balance options and certifications and standards to meet your application and regional needs. Product offerings may be slightly different around the world to meet local regulations and customer demands. Select the region below to view the offerings.

CO-1214, Lauryl/Myristyl Alcohol (Dodecanol/Tetradecanol)

CO-1270, Lauryl/Myristyl Alcohol (Dodecanol/Tetradecanol)

CO-1650, Cetostearyl Alcohol (Hexadecanol/Octadecanol)

CO-1695, Cetyl Alcohol, NF (Hexadecanol)

CO-1698, Cetyl Alcohol, (Hexadecanol)

TA-1618, Cetostearyl Alcohol (Hexadecanol/Octadecanol)

CO-1895, Stearyl Alcohol, NF (Octadecanol)

CO-1897, Stearyl Alcohol, NF (Octadecanol)

CO-1898, Stearyl Alcohol, NF (Octadecanol)

CO-1899, Stearyl Alcohol, (Octadecanol)