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Methyl Esters

P&G Chemicals' full portfolio of methyl esters are produced in our Sacramento, CA USA and Kuantan, Malaysia plants for supply across the globe. Our portfolio of C6 thru C18 methyl esters includes a variety of broad and high purity cuts.

Methyl Ester

Potential Applications



Reactive intermediate for penetrants, defoamers, carrier and drift reduction, Low VOC solvents and Amides


Lubricating and drilling fluids for metal working, Auto lubricants, Jet lubricants, Low-VOC solvents, Metalworking fluids, Gear oils, Cutting oils, Rolling oils, Sulfurized methyl ester, used in lubricants
Rubber and Plastic Additives

Rubber & Plastic Additives



Perfumes, Mid Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), Carrier for active substances, Emollient, viscocity regulator.
Household, Industrial & Institutional

Household, Industrial, & Institutional (HI&I)

Feedstock for Methyl Ester Sulfonate, PEG Esters, Quats for fabric softeners Cleaner as a water rinsable degreaser, emulsifier/hydrocarbon-based solvent, Fatty alcohol intermediates, Plastic additive when epoxidized to ploymerize into vinyl ester, Enhances extrusion, PVC injection molding and resin composition, Additive for anti-static effects for films and plastics, Solvents for inks and paint removal, Chlorinated esters, Firestarters, Anti- oxidant for plastic, Defoamers, Production or plasticizer alcohols, Amides, Isopropyl esters
Personal Care

Personal Care

Soap Making, Fatty Alcohol Intermediates, PEG Esters, IsoPropyl Esters

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Methyl Ester portfolio

P&G Chemicals specializes in methyl esters derived from lauric oils (Coconut and Palm Kernel Oils), with RSPO certified options available. These building block chemicals are used as raw materials in applications ranging from agrochemicals to industrial markets.Select the region below to view the offerings.

CE660, Methyl Caproate (Methyl Hexanoate)

CE-685, Methyl Caproate (Methyl Hexanoate)

CE-810, Methyl Caprylate/Caprate (Methyl Octanoate/Decanoate)

CE-810L, Methyl Caprylate/Caprate (Methyl Octanoate/Decanoate)

CE-895, Methyl Caprylate (Methyl Octanoate)

CE-899, Methyl Caprylate (Methyl Octanoate)

CE-1095, Methyl Caprate (Methyl Decanoate)

CE-1098, Methyl Caprate (Methyl Decanoate)

CE-1099, Methyl Caprate (Methyl Decanoate)

CE-1214, Methyl Laurate/Myristate (Methyl Dodecanoate/Tetradecanoate)

CE-1270, Methyl Laurate/Myristate (Methyl Dodecanoate/Tetradecanoate)

CE-1298, Methyl Laurate (Methyl Dodecanoate)

CE-1618BL, Methyl Palmitate/Oleate (Methyl Hexadecanoate/Octadecenoate)

CE-1875, Methyl Palmitate/Oleate (Methyl Hexadecanoate/Octadecenoate)